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Wholesale Michael Kors Watches is the leading watch distribution platform in the United Kingdom and Europe. This platform also serves many watch retailers in the USA and other parts of the world. We are successfully distributing wholesale Michael Kors watches worldwide. Our wholesale stock holds 430+ MK watch models.

Michael Kors has established widespread popularity through several decades. The American fashion designer has truly built a fashion empire, and his net worth is estimated in the billions. Like many others, Kors has differentiated his product lines. While initially, the focus was on clothing exclusively, there’s now a large offer on fashion accessories as well. That includes a vast variety of watches. This factor grants a serious business opportunity for every Michael Kors product seller.

Wholesale Michael Kors Watches

Fashion-driven Innovations

Michael Kors was one of the first fashion brands to introduce a wide range of gold-plated watches just as the market for that began to take off. They got into ceramics just as it took off and it was the same with rose gold tones. They’re the experts at sniffing out what sells.

Many watches are relatively simple in design, modestly displaying the correct time. However, there are models that include a second hand, the date, and inset dials showing 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours.

Michael Kors watches range from the functional chronograph style to the elegant and eye-catching models that can serve both as classy accessories for work and dazzling additions for an evening out.

Reliable Build Quality

When browsing our wholesale Michael Kors watches catalogue, you will definitely find fashionable pieces that will delight your customers. Nevertheless, these watches are well-built, reliable, and more surprisingly, quite affordable.

These designer watches have a practical construction. This is one of the reasons why they have such an attractive price point. Yes, these accessories are available in gold and silver-tone, but keep in mind that no precious gems and metals are used, except only as decorative elements. This makes them practical, and the owner can feel at ease while wearing them in public.

Michael Kors works really hard to only produce top-quality products. Build quality of these fashion watches is surprisingly good. They have a silver or stainless-steel case and are powered by Japanese quartz movements. Their models often feature a leather strap or a stainless-steel bracelet with several clasp types. Watch faces can come in both Arabic and Roman numerals.

Many of the Michael Kors watches have good water resistance, i.e., up to 10 bars (100 meters) depending on the model. So, if the plan is to spend time at the beach or outdoors, there’s no need to worry about taking it off, although wearing a sportier timepiece is recommended.

This accessory will provide an accurate time display with no need to concern yourself with winding. Battery replacement is required once every few years.

MK watches are crafted to the same standards as other top designer watches. The timepieces are built with high-quality stainless cases, accurate quartz movements, and good water resistance properties.

Anyone who’s interested in an accessory that offers a correct time at hand and keeping a stylish wardrobe will likely want to own at least one. That’s why adding Michael Kors watches to your stock is a sure way to grab customers’ attention.

Purchasing Wholesale Michael Kors watches for UK market

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The UK’s watch blog made a 12 Most Popular Women’s Michael Kors Watches list. You’ll find each of these watches in our wholesale shop.

Overall, wholesale Michael Kors watches inventory consists of more than 430 different models.

Selling Wholesale Michael Kors Watches

You can see Michael Kors watches for sale at a variety of jewelers, upscale department stores, and online retailers. There are many sellers on eBay as well, but the counterfeit possibility is quite large, and the competition is unpredictable.

Check out our wholesale Michael Kors watches UK distributor assortment on our wholesale shop page. You’ll find lots of different watch models with many attractive styles and designs for both men and women.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the prices or any related matter.

To explore our Michael Kors watches UK stock, first Create an account and then head to our Wholesale Shop page.

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