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Authentic Wholesale Watches - UK Best Selling Brands is a leading wholesale watches UK distributor focusing on the UK, EU, and USA markets.

We have rich experience supplying brand name watches in wholesale quantities. The key to our success lies in long experience in the designer watch market.

We work with large quantities so we can offer great discounts from MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). Our B2B prices are very competitive. platform offers a friendly way of purchasing wholesale designer watches online. With this platform, we have managed to decrease our service expenses and maintain the best prices for wholesale watches in the UK and Europe. Platform’s easy searching system will help you to find many luxury watches and swiftly complete your wholesale watches UK order. The minimum order value is 350 GBP unless it’s a sample order.

Best Wholesale Watches B2B Solutions for UK and EU Markets

One of the main keys to a successful business is brand recognition in the UK market. Our wholesale watches UK inventory consists of many popular brand names established in the UK and globally. Mainly we work with Fossil Group watches, but we also supply timepieces from other popular fashion brands.

We supply watches for wholesale from the following fashion brands – Burberry, Calvin Klein, Daniel Wellington, Diesel, Emporio Armani, Fossil, Guess, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Tissot, and Tommy Hilfiger. is a platform that holds 100% authentic watches, fully new with original packaging, authenticity tags, instructions, and warranty booklets. We offer a 2-year warranty. We also provide a professional after-sales service.

Marketing is one of the main reasons why these brands have achieved an impressive recognition level in the fashion watches market. The demand speaks for itself. If you can position yourself as a reliable seller, then the profit potential is very high.

Wholesale Watches UK - Designer Brand Watches

Feel free to make a sample order and bring items to the official brand representative for expertise.

Fashion watches are produced in many different factories around the world.

When sourcing for branded watches for wholesale trade deals, quality is crucial for a successful business.

Build Quality

The build quality of branded fashion watches is of great importance. Good quality strengthens the brand image. For this reason, we are a distributor for only the best quality brand watches that have proven themselves in the market.

Most of these watches are made with the highest quality materials, including:

Each watch is water-resistant. The level of resistance depends on the model.

The most popular watch movements are battery-powered quartz movements that are made in Japan or Switzerland. These movements are very accurate and require minimal maintenance. Battery replacement is necessary every 2-3 years. There are also watch models that use mechanical movements. Mechanical watch movements are more expensive and have required a higher level of craftsmanship. These movements are built with a series of small components working together to power the timepiece. To learn more, see types of watch movements.

Many watch models use leather watch straps that have different colours and types. More watchmakers are starting to use NATO straps (nylon type straps), especially Daniel Wellington. Heavier watch models use solid stainless steel straps and mesh stainless-steel straps in combination with butterfly deployant clasps. Some sportier models use silicone or rubber bands that are well suited for outdoor activities. is the best choice of wholesale watches in the UK and European market. Here you will find high-quality brand name watches built to the highest standards.

Styles and Features

Our designer watches wholesale stock offers many quality timepieces suitable for both men and women, depending on their style, taste, and preference. Also, we closely follow the fashion market to keep up with the latest trends in the UK.

Mostly you will find watch models with analogue dials that have Arabic numerals or Roman numerals. Few models have digital displays.

Regarding features, these timepieces don’t offer very much. As these timepieces are only from popular fashion brands, you will not see impressive gadgets. Most features are chronograph, tachymeter, stopwatch and watch calendar. Watch chronographs typically consist of three dials: a second dial, a minute dial, and an hour dial.

These fashion watches are very style-oriented and suitable for many occasions – daily use, business meetings, celebration, etc. Our platform includes wholesale watches for men and women, giving you plenty of styles and brands to chooses from. Most people like to flaunt their watches in public; therefore, the demand for popular brand watches is high. - #1 Luxury Watch Wholesalers UK

There is a great demand for profitable watches in the UK, and we are proven to be one of the top wholesale luxury watches distributors.

We offer additional B2B discounts from regular wholesale prices. Discounts are granted depending on the order value. You will find discount coupon codes in the wholesale shop area.

Communication is important for a successful partnership. We have solved many issues that can arise during shipment, import process etc. We are ready to prove that we are the best in our field by providing quality service and quality watches. Our main goal is to become an established wholesale watch supplier in the UK.

We value long-term cooperation; therefore, we believe in an individual approach to each client. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.

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